What to do...

A door to your enjoyment

JACARANDA Lodge in Los Altos de Sucre presents you with a privileged location: A cool mountain environment just a few minutes drive from the best known beaches of the Mochima National Park.

At Los Altos, we can arrange for a number of activities at or around our facilities:

At Jacaranda:
• Massages
• Pool
• Barbecues
• Relax...

Around Jacaranda:
• Walks
• Hikes
• Transfers to the Beaches
• Handcrafts

Cosmopolitan Puerto La Cruz, Commercial center of eastern Venezuela, is only 25 minutes away, for those that still need contact with asphalt and concrete.

Cumaná, the first city founded by Spaniards on continental South America, lies just an hour and a half away...