Jacaranda Gardens

Jacaranda gardensA door to our gardensJACARANDA is surrounded by a great variety of wild, ornamental and fruit-bearing plants, from all over Venezuela and part of the world, which have been planted, and nurtured with tender loving care by the hand of its owners.

Germán, "The Gardener", as his wife calls him, has taken pains in combining spaces, variety, utility and aesthetics to give their gardens, with love and passion, all the care to achieve a balance of wild nature, subtle order, and construction, that draws constant praise, admiration and curiosity from all our guests and visitors.

Jardines de JacarandaYou will "stumble" onto several almost natural ponds, created by Germán, where the just right combination of water plants like water lilies, tropical fish, snails, frogs and toads, shade and sunlight results in a pure and perfect fresh water ecosystem for all their inhabitants.

You can find, among many wild shrubs and flowers, plant species such as:

TypeLocal NameBotanical Name Local NameBotanical Name
Fruit treesMereyAnacardium occidentale L. MangoMangifera indica L.
Jobo de la IndiaSpondias dulcis parkinsonGuanábanaAnnona muricata L.
PiñaAnanas comosusMameyMammea Americana L.
AguacatePersea Americana mill.Guamo MacheteInga spectabilis
Arbol de Pan, CastañaArtocarpus PaltilisPlátanoMusa x paradisiaca L.
CamburMusa x paradisiaca L.
Var. Sapientum, Kuntze
PendangaEugenia uniflora L.
GuayaboPsidium guajava L.PomarrosaSyzygium jambos
PomalacaPsidium malaccense L.Tamarindo chinoAverrhoa carambola L.
Níspero del JapónEriobotrya japonicaCafé - CafetoCoffea arabica L.
Limón CriolloCitrus aurantifoliaToronja - PomeloCitrus maxima
Limón FrancésCitrus limon L.Naranja chinaCitrus x madurensis Lour
MandarinaCitrus reticulata blancoNísperoManilkara achras
CacaoTheobroma Cacao L.  
TreesAbeyJacaranda mimosifolia D. Don. ApamateTabebuia rosea (Bertol) DC.
AraguaneyTabebuisa chrysantha (Jacq.) NicholsAraucaria de
Araucaria heterophylla
(Salis B.)-Franco
Pimenta Racemosa (Mill)CeibaCeiba pentandra gaerth
Matapalo LaurelFicus retura L.Matapalo extranjeroFicus benjamina L.
OrnamentalCamarón AmarilloPachystachys intea NeesCrotoCodiaeum variegatum (L.) Blume
Corona de CristoEuphorbia milii ch. Des MoulinsFlor de PascuaEuphorbia pulcherrima Willd. ex.Klot
Palo de BrasilDracaena fragrans (L.) Ker-Gawl.Dracena pintonaDracaena godseffiana Hort.ex Bak.
CayenaHibiscus rosa-sinensis L.TrinitariaBougainvillea spectabilis Willd.
Petunia azulPlumbago auriculata Lam  

Jardines de Jacaranda

To top it off, A giant century-old "Ceiba" (Ceiba pentandra gaerth) will present you with a spectacular show at the change of leaves time.

All our plants are available for purchase; fair prices and lots of free Tender Loving Care tips and techniques given by the "Gardener" will make your purchase a souvenir that will surely pass on to you all the love, care and work that Germán has put into our little nursery.