With the Community

Jacaranda SBCA door open onto the CommunityAt JACARANDA we constantly promote and lead diverse activities related with the protection of the environment and with sports in order to stress on children, youths and adults the importance of staying healthy both physical as mentally and of living in a balanced environment.

In view of the global damages against the environment, which have caused among others, the contamination of air and waters, the destruction of the ozone layer, droughts, disapearance of sveral species and impoverishment of the topsoil layer, at JACARANDA, among others, we hold chats, lectures and other activities stressing the importance of saving water; of the correct disposition of garbage; of avoiding indiscriminate destruction of forests; of planting trees and shrubs that help purify the air, give shade and fruit and serve as an habitat for birds and other species.

You can at times find us around town talking to children about avoiding the use of "chinas" (slingshots) to kill wildlife or the setting of traps for birds and other animals, just to keep them in cages. We try to drive in the fact that all species, even poisonous snakes, have an important role in nature. We like to stress that it is more difficult to clean up than to avoid littering.

We are also sponsoring a softball team to keep young people, mostly from the "Nuevo Mundo" neighborhood, away from alcohol and drugs promoting instead hours of sports practice, and the team´s participation in local and regional championships.